Altmeyer Wilder Racing

Altmeyer Wilder Racing is a family run operation that focuses on Harness Racing at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino as well as Spring Garden Ranch in Florida. We currently have 30 horses either racing, training, or coming from our broodmare band and foals. The literal marriage of names came about in 2001 with the marriage of long time Pennsylvania horseman Dan Altmeyer daughter, Heather, to top Ohio driver Mike Wilder.
The stable is made up of Dan and Ruth Altmeyer, and Mike and Heather Wilder. Dan handles the training duties, Ruth’s mares make up the breeding operation, Mike is the second trainer and driver of the stable, while Heather owns several horses within the barn and manages the social media accounts.
This family eats, sleeps, and breaths Harness Racing along with a slew of animals that they house at their Washington County farm. Follow along with all their journeys on the social media thread located below.
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